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Saša Obradović

Born on 15th of June 1968, in Valjevo, Serbia.

He graduated at Belgrade University, the Law School, in 1993. He passed the Judiciary Exam at the Ministry of Justice in 1996, and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002.

Other trainings and courses:
-U.S. Institute for Peace, Course of Negotiations, (2002);
-Belgrade Center for Human Rights, School of Human Rights (2002).

Professional career:
1994 – 1999 Municipal Court in Valjevo;  

1997 – 1999 Presiding Judge of the Trial Chamber;

2000 – 2001 Attorney at law; Member of the Serbian Bar;

2002 – 2004 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, First Secretary; Deputy Head of the International Legal Department;

2004 – 2008  Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands; First Counsellor and Charge d'affaires a.i;

2006 – 2007  Co-Agent of Serbia in the case concerning Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro) before the International Court of Justice;

2008 – 2009 Inspector General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; at that time, he was a drafter of the current Legal Affairs Act of the Republic of Serbia, and many other internal regulations;

2008 – 2010  Co-ordinator of the Legal Team of the Republic of Serbia in the advisory opinion case before the International Court of Justice concerning the question of the Accordance with International Law of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo;

2008 – 2015 Agent of Serbia inanother case vis-à-vis the Genocide Convention before the International Court of Justice (Croatia v. Serbia);

2010 – 2011  Legal Adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the rank of Minister Counsellor; President of the National Commission for International Humanitarian Law;

2011-2015  Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where he continued to act as the State Representative before the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY);

2012-2013  Co-ordinator of the Friends of the International Criminal Court, an informal diplomatic group settled in The Hague, New York and Geneva;

2014-2015  One of the founders of Le club de droit international, another international diplomatic group in The Hague;

2015 Chair of the Working Group of the Ministry of Justice drafting the National Strategy for War Crimes Prosecution, adopted by the Government in December 2015;

2015  As a Special Representative of the Government of the Republic of Serbia addressed the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly at several meetings concerning the work and completion strategy of the ICTY and the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals.

His eleven speeches are published on the web site of the International Court of Justice and in the book Documents – Serbia before the International Court of Justice (Filip Visnjic, Belgrade, 2007). He is a co-author of the textbook Principles of International Public Law (Belgrade Center for Human Rights, 2005, 2007). He also wrote four novels and two collections of short stories in Serbia. Some parts of his prose have been translated into Macedonian, Bulgarian, Dutch and English.

Mr. Obradović is married; he has two children (21 and 19-year-old).

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