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Re: Roof repair services, Plans 3 and 4
Description of the services required: Reconstruction of roof terrace and eaves construction
Roof reconstruction: grinding, cleaning, protection layer application

Area of the roof to be reconstructed: approx. 250 square metres
Reconstruction of the back side of the eaves and the surrounding area, draining gutter and other specialized repair services
Scaffolding around the property which is difficult to access
Separation of water from electricity supply, repair works on that part of the building, gutter and other specialized repair works

Time and method of bidding:

Bids are to be made in writing before 3 August 2016.

Criteria and criteria elements for choosing the most favourable bid:

The lowest quote offered

Submission of bids (timeframe, place, time, method, reference, etc.):

Prior to 3 Aug. 2016 by 09:00 hrs by e-mailing to info.serbia@kolumbus.fior by writing to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Helsinki, Kulosaarentie 36.

Bids will be opened by a commission (place, time):

At the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Helsinki on 3 Aug. 2016 at 09:30 hrs.

Timeframe for decision on awarding contract:

Upon consent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not later than 20 Aug. 2016.

Contact (person, point, time, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.):

Pavle Radmanovic
Embassy of Serbia, Helsinki
Tel.: 096848522